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Sometimes things are hard to explain, we believe it's a matter of audience perspective. We created different ways to explain our services geared toward different perspectives and needs.
We hope you find this helpful and welcome your feedback!

Explain: Non-Tech Common Man   Explain: More Geek Less Business

Data Warehouse/Data Lake

We know you have your organizations best interests in mind and the costs of implementing an entire warehouse solution seems inevitable.

BridgeTheGap by WildHair offers your customized warehouse solution, on servers of your choice, with configurable data models, sync schedules and engineering skills not required.

For a price you won't believe!

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Fast Loading

Our platform, BridgeTheGap creates a repeatable bridge to your data. It's unique design untangles and moves data to a private warehouse environment of your choice.

You own and control your data; we simply clean, sanitize and move your information according to your business rules.
Keep what matters - DATA.

A single source of truth you control.

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Not sure which solution is the best?
Need someone who understands technology and the big picture?
Just want to ask a question?

20+ years of hands on experience building and architecting solutions for many local businesses has given us the bigger picture of technology and technical debt.

Let us share our experience and help you stay informed.

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Real Experience

Team Foundation, Microsoft Dynamics, InsideSales, AtTask, Salesforce, Printfleet, Netsuite, SugarCRM, Kayako, Analytics, Custom APIs, Conga, FileIt, Dropbox, Mingle, OpenX, Avaya/IVR, Microsoft Tools Suite, Git, Access, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, REST/SOAP, CSS3, HTML5, Selenium Language: PHP, Perl, C# 4.0, Python, ETL/UDF, SQL, Procedures, DTS, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, Postgres, Sybase, SSRS, System Modeling, Data Modeling, Design, Process, Documentation, End-to-End

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Vendor Freedom

How many times have you found yourself wishing you had known a little more information about a technology before you added it to your organization?

Utilizing BridgeTheGap platform, allows you to do something new and unique; compare and consume technology.

Sure, everyone can try new technology, but analize the data side-by-side?

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BridgeTheGap provides custom form pages and dashboards showing cross-department reporting. SSO for easy access. Embedding abilities for most reports, even interactive reporting and system integrations.

Often employees are overwhelmed by a new position. Creating common ground allows you the ability to create your organizational processes with a global focus.

Everyone on the same page.

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Solutions - Use Cases

Data is all around us. Tech refresh is necessary. When you find yourself at the point of growth to a new tech, ready to liberate yourself of old tech, and finally ready for your own data warehouse solution, we have your back!

This next technology wave will enable our minds and fuel our dreams with more accuracy and integrity than any generation before!


Upgrade Easy Button

One-Time Migration

Have you been stuck in a technology that has become outdated but the fees keep growing?

Did you just get the end-of-life pink slip on your tech?

Tired of living without all the new tech bells-n-whistles?

  •  Off load years of customer information and related records.
  •  Clean, Sanitize, Re-invent your data
  •  Populate multiple software solutions, start off running

Remove the HE*L from your ETL

Data Warehouse/Data Lake

Any organization with 3+ digital in-house tools should have some type of Data Warehouse.

Mis-communications and tunnel vision can be thwarted by a simple data warehouse.

Providing the ability to show KPIs from all departments in one dashboard allows amazing insights to make the right business decisions.

  •  Create/Drop Stage and Warehouse Databases/Sources with one click
  •  Configure data maps, defaults and value swaps, code skills NOT required
  •  Setup your preferred sync scheduled
  •  Report/Analyze from your Source of Truth
  •  Create dashboards to share and embed anywhere

Sync data between systems

System Integration

One system will collect a customers information request. This request needs to inform multiple departments and the email by human is not working so well.

Create a basic sync which triggers from a record change, even a particular record value!

Business runs on response.

  •  Create a basic sync which triggers from a record change, even a particular record value
  •  Utilize pre-fetch sync feautres to set unique ties
  •  Setup your preferred sync schedule
  •  Bi-directional syncs are available in some cases

2018 Pricing

*some restrictions apply
* additional costs apply for API builds and Microsoft technology.

We strive to enable your technological future and ensure your business insight is accurate, even on a lean budget!

Professional Help


  • Project Consulting
  • Informed Direction
  • Salesforce Administration
  • CRM Administration
  • Business Workflows
  • Design/Architecture

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One-Time Migrations


  • *One-time Pull/Push
  • Sanitization/Cleanzing
  • Data Reformatting
  • Baseline Configuration
  • *Data Analysis
  • Backups
  • *Third-party Population
  • Stat Reporting

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  • *Pull/Push Sync
  • Sanitization/Cleanzing
  • Data Reformatting
  • Baseline Configuration
  • *Staging
  • *Third-party Population
  • Stat Reporting

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Partnerships Matter

Reality. There is no one stop source for every answer or solution.
Partnerships bring a wealth of knowlegde to solve your specialized needs.

These local businessess and service providers collaborate and join forces to ensure client satisfaction.

If we can't solve it ourselves, we know someone who can!


Note: not all integrations allow every desired functionality, API restrictions/limits/access apply

These are  ready to go and we add more every day. If you do not see your system we can create a working integration in just a few days!

Direct Database

BridgeTheGap can pull most database flavors.

Yup, already ready for you if your data resides in a database.

If you have been waiting to move to a different database flavor or start building your own warehouse.

We have your solution waiting!


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API Interface

BridgeTheGap can pull most any data using SOAP/Rest/HomeGrown connection.

If the software provider has allowed a way to connect, we can set your data free.  

We have you covered, call us!

salesforce zohocrm zohobooks sugarcrm netsuite insidesales agentachieve outlook infusionsoft googleAPI

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Import Solutions

BridgeTheGap is working hard to create ways for you to move your data, easily.

These APIs can already pull and push data.

No more copy and paste or excel mapping!

salesforce zohocrm zohobooks sugarcrm insidesales agentachieve

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Bi-Directional Sync - Beta

BridgeTheGap is pushing the envelope, climbing the highest mountain it can find to climb - just because it can!

We are creating a simple way to sync data between 2 systems! Yup!

We are rolling out our Beta-Dual Sync feature! EASY button for data bi-directional integration !

Join our private beta.

salesforce zohocrm sugarcrm insidesales agentachieve

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Nothing says it better than word-of-mouth and real customer satisfaction!

Isn't it your turn to be satisfied?

Process Workflow

Infinity Group - Verne Markham

WildHair has been great to work with on our workflow automation project. Honestly from the first initial conference call to the final wrap up they were attentive and engaged.
What I liked most was the ability to be a team player and adapt to clarifications in direction on the fly. We all know that any process improvement journey starts with a clear destination but very little knowledge of what might come up along the way. This is why our team here puts a huge value on other good team players like WildHair.
Also should note that I don’t think that the distance was a hindrance at all – we could have all been working in the same room.

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Data Migration

Dental Genius - Phillip Lopez

WildHair has been great to work with in the regards to the data transfer. They have been very receptive to our needs and have gone above and beyond to ensure the data we are transfering comes over very nicely.
WildHair has been easy to communicate with and has been very prompt on returning my calls and emails. Being someone who is not the most tech savvy when it comes to data migration, WildHair has ensured to properly document and notify me on every step of the process
I would highly recommend WildHair services.

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It takes investment, dedication and hard work to provide successful solutions to the IT needs of this generation.

The more you do, the more you learn, the better you become!

Go Ahead - work smarter, not harder...
It's all about the Data

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” ― Miles Kington

4,295 Hours Invested

75 Pizza Deliveries

124 Million Records Sanitized